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​MSD ANZ has a long-standing commitment to creating an organisation that is more diverse and a culture that is inclusive and socially responsible.
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Having a more global and diverse workforce makes us a more innovative and agile company and better attuned to the needs of our customers, health care providers and patients who ultimately use our products.
A Diversity & Inclusion Council, chaired by the Managing Director, Australia and New Zealand, was established in 2014 to define, develop and drive diversity and inclusion strategies across the business.
The council’s vision is for all MSD employees to experience a workplace that respects and values diversity and inclusion. MSD is committed to focusing on gender equality and unconscious bias as primary focus areas. MSD is committed to having gender on the agenda and proactively taking action to identify and address barriers that prevent people entering and progressing in our organisation. Mental health and culture/origin are focus areas for awareness and education.
Here are some of our key current initiatives:
  •  Membership of and contribution to diversity networks.
  •  A leading flexible workplace culture supported by a comprehensive policy offering and the activity-based work environment at our head office in Sydney. Read about our best practice case study featured by the Workplace Gender Equality Agency here
  • Training and other methods to cultivate mental health awareness.
  • The highlighting and celebrating of key diversity events including A Taste of Harmony, close the Gap, International Women’s Day and R U OK? Day.
  • The provision of exceptional benefits for care givers, including parental leave and additional leave that can be used flexibly. ​
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Supplier diversity

At MSD, we believe a diverse supplier base helps us better understand and anticipate the needs of the people we serve. That is why we cast a wide net in search of talent, seeking qualified suppliers from all segments of the global community. Our local supplier diversity program includes Indigenous- and women-owned business enterprises.
Interested in becoming an MSD supplier? Here's what we'll expect from you:
We hold our suppliers to the same standards to which we hold our own employees. We expect our suppliers to:
  • provide top-quality products and services along with the highest level of service.
  • demonstrate that they are proactive, innovative and able to think strategically.
The module 1.5.1

Leadership Commitment

Diversity and inclusion are integrated into our, and are considered an essential leadership skill for all of our employees.
We expect all employees, beginning with our leaders, to achieve diversity and inclusion goals, which ar used to gauge individual and company performance. We define, measure and reward diversity performance through a number of tools, including affirmative action plans and diversity objectives on our comany scorecard.

Read more about our global diversity policy here

The module 1.5.1

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