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We are proud to be named an Employer of Choice of Gender Equality (2015 and 2016) by the Workplace Gender Equality Agency, recognising our commitment to achieving gender equality in our workplace.
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The Managing Director, Australia and New Zealand, Riad El-Dada, took the Pay Equity Pledge in 2016, aligning to our organisational commitment to gender equality.
Says Riad El-Dada: “Initiating and maintaining gender pay equity in the workplace should be one of the priorities for all leaders. MSD started this journey in 2013 and under my leadership, achieving gender pay equity will be front and centre for myself, my leadership team and for all people managers at MSD. It makes perfect sense for our people and for our business that we continue on this journey that we are proud to be on. Gender pay equity is in my hands, and it’s in your hands too.”
Here are some of our market- leading initiatives to drive gender equality for all:
  • Holding gender pay equity reviews that closed the company-wide pay gap by 50% in 1 year, from 2014 to 2015.
  •  Hosted a landmark Pharmaceutical Pay Equity CEO roundtable in 2015.
  •  Introduced additional paid leave to support employees requiring support for Domestic/Family Violence leave.
  •  Encouraging membership by both women and men of the MSD Women’s Network, a global network that allows people to connect with others to foster gender equality.
  •   Bringing in external experts to give workshops and training.
  •   Actively promoting Flexible Work arrangements, with 9 in 10 employees saying they have the flexibility they need to manage work and caring responsibilities.​
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