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A belief in the power of teamwork is at the very core of our business strategy.

For all the original research we conduct at MSD, we know that the next great discovery in medicine may come from outside of our laboratories. This is why the formation of strategic partnerships is a central part of our mission to turn breakthrough science into novel medicines that improve patients' lives.

So if you've discovered something significant, perhaps it’s time to learn how we can work together to turn your discovery's potential into reality.

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Realising the Potential of Australian Biomedical Research

Based at our head office in Sydney, the External Licensing group regularly liaises with Australian biotechnology companies and research institutes to look for:

  • New chemical and biological entities with therapeutic potential
  • Validated drug targets
  • New platform technologies

The group also welcomes independent approaches from researchers.

The module 1.5.1

Research Areas of Interest

If your research falls within our areas of interest, the External Licensing group will assist you to prepare a proposal for further consideration. They will also make sure that your proposal is logged into MSD's Licensing Knowledge Repository, a global database that manages and tracks proposals from initiation through to licensing.

We start with a non-confidential data package on which to base an initial assessment.

One of the main reasons we do not immediately enter into a Confidential disclosure Agreement (CDA) before we have an idea of your program and intellectual property (IP), is the risk of IP contamination, a situation where work underway in our own laboratories could have similarities to yours, possibly giving rise to later uncertainty about its origin. Even under a CDA we will usually ask not to see chemical formulae of compounds you have developed until a later point in our discussions.

How is your Program Assessed?

Proposals are typically reviewed by one of 10 Review and Licensing Committees (RLCs) in the US. Each RLC is composed of the preclinical and clinical MSD experts responsible for scientific and medical research in that therapeutic or technology area.


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