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Bringing important medicines and vaccines to people around the world through breakthrough science: this is the heart of what we do.
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Novel medicines. Vaccines to help prevent disease. Thanks to our world-class researchers, state-of-the-art technologies and unrelenting focus on scientific excellence, MSD is at the forefront of discovering and developing new ways to treat and prevent disease.Scientific discovery and development have always been the cornerstones of our company.
Today, we conduct research in a broad range of therapeutic categories – including cardiovascular disease, infectious diseases, cancer, neurology and women’s health. We are also expanding our capability in new areas such as biologics.
Worldwide, we annually synthesise about 20,000 novel molecules – matter that did not previously exist – in MSD labs.

Did You Know?
The process of drug discovery and development is long and challenging. It begins by first exploring the roots of a disease or condition. If a compound proves promising, it then continues through years of testing and has to obtain regulatory approval before it reaches the market.
A very small fraction of the compounds that commence evaluation will ultimately survive the tough process of research, development and testing to finally become a medicine available to doctors and their patients.
Across the biopharmaceutical industry, the average cost of bringing a new drug to market is nearly US$2.6 billion, a 2014 study found. Considering the monumental costs and miniscule chances of success, it’s no wonder that, today, many biopharmaceutical companies view ambitious research and development – and the pursuit of invention itself – as a poor investment.
At MSD, we take a different view. We embrace the enormity of the challenge, strengthened by our resolute belief that great new medicines and vaccines hold the potential to create possibilities for billions of people – and by our confidence that we have the track record, the expertise, and, most of all, the passion to invent them.
If you are seeking cures for cancer, it takes a company like MSD to create them.

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