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The module 1.4.1
​We pride ourselves on the role we play in the communities where we live and work.
The module 1.5.1

We look to work with communities, from those within close proximity to our facilities to those much further away. Our approach to doing so is to always listen to local needs and find ways to invest in areas relevant to our business and the skills of our people.

The module 1.5.1

Health Consumer Organisations

Health Consumer Organisations (HCOs) are not-for-profit organisations that represent the interests and views of consumers of health care. Sometimes referred to as patient groups, HCOs provide support services and information to patients, families and carers. HCOs also fund research as well as advocate for improved standards of care and enhanced access to treatment. To this end, HCOs often work in partnership with a range of health professionals and healthcare providers with the aim to minimise the impact of ill health on the Australian community.

The Australian Medicines Industry has worked collaboratively with HCOs for many years to provide information and support to help patients understand and manage their health and well being. The Industry also works with HCOs toward advancing dialogue around healthcare issues to support optimal delivery of healthcare. In 2005, the Consumers Health Forum of Australia (the national peak organisation for consumers) and Medicines Australia (the national association representing the prescription medicines industry) developed the Working Together Guide. In 2008 both organisations undertook a review of the document to ensure it remained relevant and informative. The Guide aims to assist both HCOs and the industry in working together appropriately in a transparent and accountable way. MSD endorses the Guide, using it along with the detailed supporting materials in the Working Together Manual, as a framework to develop and maintain our HCO relationships.

For more information, the Guide and manual are available at or

The module 2.2

Health Consumer Organisations supported in 2015 

​Name of Health Consumer Organisation
Description of and/or purpose of support​ Nature of support (monetary value or
equivalent) or description of non-financial support​
Rare Cancers Australia ​Annual Dinner Event. Rare Cancers Australia is a oncology consumer organisation providing information and a range of support services to people with less common cancers and their carers. This funding supported the organisation's annual dinner which is is an important awareness raising and fundraising event. During the dinner clinicians, researchers and patients provided insights regarding the impact of rare and less common cancers. 2,500​
Melanoma Patients Australia ​Annual Dinner Event. Melanoma Patients Australia is the key health consumer organisation in Australia providing support services and information for people with melanoma and their carers. Sponsorship of the annual MPA dinner provides funds for MPA to continue to provide quality services as well as raise awareness of the impact of metastatic melanoma. The evening included presentations from clinicians, researchers and patients. 5,000
​Melanoma Patients Australia ​Consumer Forums. This funding supports two consumer forums conducted by Melanoma Patients Australia. The forums were co-funded and include sponsorship form a number of other pharma companies. The events included clinicians, researchers and allied health professionals who provided updated information about living with melanoma including some of the psychosocial elements of a melanoma diagnosis. 5,000
Melanoma Western Australia​
​"Annual Dinner Event & Consumer Workshops. This funding supported Melanoma Western Australia conduct three events. It provided partial support toward the MelanomaWA annual dinner to raise awareness as well as funds to support the range of patient services and information provided by  melanomaWA. The dinner program  included addresses from clinicians
, consumers and researchers to provide isights into the impact of melanoma in the community. In addition this funding supported melanoma WA in providing two consumer workshops to assist patients and thier carers access up to date information about services and care available in WA for people with melanoma."
​Lung Foundation Australia
​"National Lung Cancer Program. Lung Foundation Australia is a national organisation supporting
all aspects of lung health. This funding provided partial sponsorship to the Lung Foundation National Lung Cancer Program which includes a range of information and support services in the following areas:
1. Clinical Community - Awareness and Support
2. Patient & Carers Community o Patient Support Groups
o Indigenous Programs
3. Stakeholder & Political Community"
Workshop Support
"More than 20 HCO groups supported including:
Rare Cancers Australia, Melanoma Patients Australia, The Lung Foundation, CanSpeak, Lymphoma Australia, Leukaemia Foundation, Unicorn Foundation, Hepatitis Australia, Haemophilia Foundation Australia, Cystic Fibrosis NSW"​
​Annual Health Consumer Advocacy Workshop. This funding provides partial sponsorship for a 2 day Health Consumer Advocacy  (HCA) workshop. HCA has hosted four 2-day workshops and undertaken a variety of additional activities aimed at building capacity, facilitating networking, and sharing knowledge and skills for HCOs. Sponsor companies (Amgen, MSD, Janssen, Roche, Novartis and Pfizer) provide equal sponsorship for the workshop. HCA activities are overseen by an expert Steering Committee including CEOs of 4 health consumer organisatios as well as 2 representatives from the healthcare agency responsible for logistics and coordination of the event.
​Lung Foundation Australia
​"This funding will support the Lung Foundation annual dinner to raise awareness of the impact of
lung cancer in the community. The dinner included presentations from Lung Foundation CEO, research clinicians and patients and their carers."
Rare Cancers Australia​ ​Sick or Treat Sessions Sydney University. This funding supported Rare Cancers Australia (RCA) in conducting a forum “The Sick orTreat Sessions” to raise awareness about the challenges facing Australians with a rare or less common cancer. The froum was held at Sydney University and included clinicians, researchers, allied health professionals, general practitioners and academics. ​25,000
​National Heart Foundation
​"Pharmaceutical Roundtable. MSD has been a member of the Heart Foundation Roundtable (NHF
PRT) for 11 years. The NHF PRT comprises 9 pharma member companies that each contribute an equal grant annually to the NHF, funding a joint project (agreed in liaison with the Heart Foundation) to improve cardiovascular outcomes for Australians.The grant funding is utilised as follows:
$15,000 annual grant to Heart Foundation Research Fund – will be utilised to fund NHF CV
research programs as determined by the NHF research committee.
$15,000 annual grant to the current Joint PRT project – 'Improving Adherence to Cardiovascular Medicines' a toolkit of resources to assist GPs and allied health professionals enhance patient adherence to CV medicines."
Melanoma Patients Australia ​Website Project. This funding supported work toward improving The MPA website, so that patients and carers had access the information and services as efficiently as possible.     50,000
The module 1.5.1

The module 1.5.1

The module 1.5.1

​Collaboration for Health in Papua New Guinea

As a member of the Collaboration for Health in Papua New Guinea (CHPNG), MSD has joined forces with five other Australian pharmaceutical companies to deliver a number of initiatives designed to limit the impact of the epidemic and improve the lives of those living with the disease. In 2001, they formed an informal consortium and in 2003, the informal consortium became the Collaboration for Health in PNG. For more information on CHPNG, click here.

These are just a few examples of initiatives undertaken by the Australian business. For more information on our global efforts, click here.

The module 1.5.1

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The module 1.6.*

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