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With a culture of curiosity and industry-leading resources, we strive be a launch pad for employees to invent, impact and inspire.

Explore the diverse opportunities available at MSD:

• Sales & Marketing

• Medical Affairs

• Regulatory Affairs

• Market Access & Public Affairs

• Clinical Research Operations

• Human Resources

• Information Technology

• Finance

• Legal

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Sales, Marketing and Commercial Operations

Our sales, marketing and commercial operations colleagues are full of energy, and work tirelessly to have a global impact on healthcare. They are among the best in the business - they are creative, inquisitive and courageous. They are driven by a commitment to working together with healthcare professionals to deliver better outcomes for patients.

We listen to our customers carefully to understand their needs and strive to provide solutions.

Our sales and marketing staff:

• Help inform healthcare professionals about our medicines as well as the diseases they treat to help them make the most appropriate choices for their patients.

• Build strong relationships with our customers based on trust and value.

Opportunities include:

• Sales

• Marketing

• Multi-channel marketing

• Sales/marketing operations

• Sales/marketing learning and development

• Customer service.

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Medical affairs

We strive to provide the right medicine for the right patient at the right time. We are committed to the quality use of our medicines and ensure that doctors are appropriately educated about them.

Members of our medical affairs team are guardians for the quality use of our medicines. With backgrounds in medicine, pharmacy or other health sciences, it's a team that provides advice for MSD employees, as well as doctors and patients, on medical and scientific matters related to our products. The team ensures we maintain the highest standards of ethics and compliance when it comes to operating within our industry code of operation, as well as MSD's internal operating codes. It's a high standard they set and maintain – and we wouldn't want it any other way.

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Regulatory Affairs

On average, it takes 12 years and $1.4 billion of research investment to bring one new medicine to the market. But each new medicine still needs to prove its worth to our local regulation agency, the Therapeutic Goods Administration.

That's where our Regulatory Affairs team comes in. This team is inquisitive and works tirelessly to ensure the company has collected enough of the right information for the government agency – the TGA – to approve a new medicine. Making sure a medicine is effective and has the right level of safety to use in Australia is not a simple task. And the journey doesn't end there with a medicine's approval; it's just the start. The Regulatory Affairs team works in collaboration with the TGA to ensure new information about each medicine is provided to them so that this can in turn be made available to doctors and patients – so the right treatment choices can be made.

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Market Access and Public Affairs

Broad and appropriate access to medicines is the lifeblood of our company. The community depends on us to put a strong case forward to the Government so doctors have a complete range of treatment options to offer patients.

Market Access

Before your prescription is filled, think about what it takes to get an affordable medicine on the pharmacist's shelf. It's a long journey that involves talking to many decision makers to ensure Australians have appropriate access to our medicines. We must construct a case that combines compelling scientific data with scrupulous economic reasoning. It requires understanding the health policy environment and negotiations with the right people. It's a tough, robust debate to ensure Australia's healthcare system remains sustainable and the envy of other countries. And rightly so. To participate in that debate, we have one of the best market access and public affairs teams in the industry.

Public Affairs

We recruit individuals with backgrounds in public relations, public affairs, journalism, media relations, internal communications, advocacy and corporate social responsibility. Our communications professionals are the voice of the company. They aim to boldly differentiate MSD based on the strengths of our corporate responsibility, products, pipeline, and people.

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Clinical Research Operations

We are a company committed to being the leading research-centric biopharmaceutical organization in the world, on behalf of humanity. Our Clinical Research Operations team work in hand with leading external scientists to discover and develop medicines that have the potential to support our quest to cure. They connect the many cogs of our global research and development efforts to bring together the collective understanding of each potential medicine. However, the need to better understand each medicine never stops – so our Clinical Research team facilitates ongoing research even once our medicines are available to patients. It's an awesome, enduring feat that combines an affinity for science and relationship management with a broad range of stakeholders. Our clinical research colleagues are part of the collaborative effort to find cures for many of today's terrible diseases – not a bad line to put on your list of life's accomplishments.

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Global Support Functions

As a leader in a complex industry, we recognise talent from diverse range of professional backgrounds to help us succeed.

Our global support functions provide critical guidance and business support in a changing environment. Here are just some of the career paths available:

• Finance and accounting

• Human Resources

• Information Technology

• Legal and Compliance

• Procurement

• Supply Chain.

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