Flexibility, Diversity, Gender Equality: Fifth Year MSD Recognised as an Employer of Choice

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February 25, 2020 12:01 pm Australia/Sydney

MSD has today been acknowledged as an Employer of Choice for Gender Equality (EOCGE) by Australia’s Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA).

This is the fifth consecutive year that MSD, a leading biopharmaceutical company, has received this significant citation, recognising the company’s continued commitment to achieving gender equality in the workplace. MSD has succeeded in continuing its necessary work and initiatives for gender equality, achieving further accomplishments which have led to the recurrent grant of the citation this year:

  1. Our annual diversity survey revealed that 94 per cent of staff believe that their manager genuinely supports equality between genders.
  2. We have prioritised incorporating flexible ways of working into their workplace culture, with 91 per cent of staff strongly agreeing that they have the flexibility they need to manage work and other commitments. Greater job satisfaction and improved mental wellbeing are some of the results from our flexible working practices.
  3. Recognising parental leave as significant moments in our colleagues’ lives, we have modernised our parental leave policy. We encourage our staff to take leave suitable for their needs, and their growing families, inclusive of surrogacy, adoption and other caring arrangements. This is just one of many important initiatives that we
    believe will help achieve gender equality, both inside and outside the workplace.

MSD Managing Director Michael Azrak has expressed his pride in MSD being recognised once
again for the company’s continued commitment. He stated, “Our goal is that everyone at MSD
experiences an environment where gender is not a barrier. Providing our people with the same
opportunity to be successful, regardless of their gender, is critical to our success.”

This year marks the first time that the WGEA have recognised leading employers under the
newly revised citation requirements. WGEA have stated that the revised citation acknowledges
the significant progress that has been made in driving workplace gender equality outcomes and
ensures it continues to represent current, leading practice.

MSD attributes its success to receiving the citation yet again to gender equality, as well as
diversity and inclusion being a part of its culture. Since 2014, pay equity reviews have been
conducted annually, and at every stage of an employee’s career, analysing and correcting pay
gaps that are not justified based on gender, peer relativity, experience, performance and role
type. MSD also seeks regular input and feedback on equality progress through an annual
diversity survey.

Mr Azrak, who is also a WGEA Pay Equity Ambassador, acknowledges that this focus and
commitment MSD has put toward equality is a key factor into their success as an organisation.
“It is this diversity that allows us to be reflective of the community and of the patients we serve,
further allowing us the diversity of thought to be truly innovative to support our mission of
developing innovative medicines and vaccines for our patients,” said Mr Azrak.

HR Director Lisa Onsley agreed, “Our intent is that everyone, irrespective of gender, will have an
equal chance to contribute to the workplace, and in the community, thereby enhancing their
individual wellbeing, and that of society.”

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