We at MSD are dedicated to being environmentally responsible. We work hard to reduce our environmental impact through stewardship of natural resources like water, by conserving energy and also by appropriately eliminating waste. We do so because it is consistent with our values as a good corporate citizen and because it makes good business sense.

Being guardians of the environment in which we work is a key component of our corporate responsibility. Being cost efficient in our energy consumption is a key component of our business success. Combining the two is a win-win prescription for MSD.

In Australia, our commitment to the environment includes sustainable commuting incentives at our headquarters in Sydney, to reduce our carbon footprint and fight climate change. The incentives apply to travel by train, bus, walking, car pooling, cycling, arranging a lift and using a motorcycle or scooter. Since moving into our headquarters in June 2013, this policy has saved 8,500 trips each year, reducing our carbon footprint by nearly 65 tonnes pa.

The fit-out of our headquarters uses green building principles to minimise the environmental impact of our office: low-wattage lighting and environmentally friendly building materials that minimised emissions of volatile organic chemicals.

In addition, we reduced our carbon footprint by taking only enough floor space in the new building for 75 per cent of our staff, as we had calculated that this was the percentage in the office at any one time.

The program to minimise waste during the move to the new office won the facilities industry 2014 Sustainability & Environmental Impact award. The award was presented by the Facility Management Association of Australia to our facilities management partner Brookfield Johnson Controls.

The highly digitalised headquarters enables us to slash paper usage by two million sheets a year. That is an annual reduction of 10 tonnes of paper, saving 25 trees a year, 9.1 tonnes of carbon dioxide, nearly 35,000 KwH of electricity, 32.3 cubic metres of landfill and 237,000 litres of water.

We have now set ourselves an annual target of a 2 per cent further reduction in our electricity consumption.