Because millions of people in Australia and around the world depend on our products, we have high standards for how we should conduct ourselves as a company.

Everyone at MSD is responsible for ensuring high ethical standards and compliance across our business. This includes:

• making sure that the company complies with all applicable laws and regulations

• through MSD's Office of Ethics, reinforcing the company's overall commitment to ethical business practices and behaviour, at every level of the company

• safeguarding individual privacy expectations through oversight of our privacy program.

Our Office of Ethics supports our commitment to the highest standards of ethics and integrity in all of our business practices. We map out clear expectations for employees and hold them accountable for their behaviour.

We strive to apply the highest standards of ethics and integrity to everything we do. Our efforts include:

Sales and Marketing: We're committed to providing appropriate and balanced information to doctors and other healthcare professionals to help them make better prescribing decisions for their patients. Our interactions with healthcare providers, other customers and consumers are governed by laws and regulations, and by our global code of conduct which includes standard business practices and compliance guidance. We also observe the Australian industry code of conduct, as set by the local industry group, Medicines Australia. We take these responsibilities seriously and periodically evaluate our marketing, sales and advertising activities to ensure they align with the applicable laws, regulations and our company's policies and values.

Clinical trials registration and disclosure: Conducting clinical trials is a critical step in determining if our products are safe and effective. We register our trials online when studies are initiated to make patients and healthcare providers aware of these trials. We also make study results of marketed products–regardless of the outcome–available following study completion at

Social and environmental responsibility: Our transparency efforts also extend to other important aspects of our operations such as our environmental performance, our efforts to expand access to our medicines and vaccines around the world and our progress on diversity in the workplace. Data on these and other key performance indicators are available in our latest corporate responsibility report.

Payments to healthcare organisations

We are committed to operating openly and with integrity. We regularly publicly disclose our financial support for healthcare organisations.

Payments to health care professionals

As a member of Medicines Australia, MSD has undertaken to be open and transparent when we provide a Reportable Payment to a healthcare professional. MSD prepares reports for publication in accordance with the Medicines Australia Code of Conduct, Edition 18 and Australia’s Privacy legislation.