We discover and develop medicines and vaccines for millions of people around the world.

We know that not everyone who needs our medicines and vaccines can get them – whether because of an inability to see a doctor for a diagnosis or to pay for a needed treatment. This is why we work carefully to help ensure access to medicines, vaccines and healthcare on a global scale.

The size of Australia and the remoteness of many communities present unique challenges. In some cases it has led to Australians in rural areas having less access to healthcare compared to those in urban areas.

MSD provides a range of innovative technology solutions for rural and remote healthcare professionals to interact with sales representatives and also to access a wide range of product and educational information and support services:

myMSD website to order starter packs and access product information, webinars and resource.

• MSD webinars which provide access to high-value educational content and the ability to interact with key opinion leaders and other healthcare professionals.

• MSD webcall for web conference calls with sales representatives.

• Online product training modules for women’s health.

• Regular email communications to provide new product launch and meeting event information.

• Regular email communications to provide the latest patient and practice resource tools such as mobile apps.

In other parts of the world, the need to enable access to medicines and vaccines can be greater and even more complex. We have created numerous programs and public/private partnerships to help improve healthcare capacity and access to our products so all can benefit, wherever they live. Read more about our commitment to access.