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MSD abides by Medicines Australia’s Code of Conduct and the Therapeutic Goods Act.​

​Both prohibit a pharmaceutical company from direct to consumer advertising which includes issuing public press statements about our prescription medicines. We are able to issue public statements to advise registration of a new medicine, a reimbursement notice of a new medicine or any general corporate news not related to our medicines. For any specific issues please contact the Communications Manager.

Latest news:

12/03/2021: Australians deserve faster access to new medicines. Parliamentary Inquiry to hear from pharmaceutical leaders today.

MSD will today appear at one of the first hearings for the Parliamentary Inquiry into approval processes for new drugs and novel medical technologies in Australia. Read More

2/2/2021: Precision medicine helping to change the prognosis of a rare subtype of bowel cancer

Immuno-oncology therapy KEYTRUDA® (pembrolizumab) registered for bowel cancer patients with a specific genetic biomarker Read More

11/11/2020: Australians need fast forward button for access to cancer medicines

Research reveals 800 more patients per year could be treated with PBS-listed immuno-oncology medicines Read More

9/11/2020: MSD supports Australian Cancer Futures Framework

MSD supports the call for an Australian Cancer Futures Framework, proposed at today’s 2020 virtual CanForum conference run by the National Oncology Alliance. Read More

29/10/2020: Immuno-oncology KEYTRUDA® (pembrolizumab) registered for patients with a certain type of head and neck cancer

Treatment option for Australian patients being considered for Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) on 4 November 2020 Read More

24/9/2020: Industry Ready to Fight Superbugs: MSD Welcomes new AMR white paper Read More

14/9/2020: Australian health assessment system needs a check up

Analysis reveals conservative approach to valuing oncology medicines affects PBS access Read More

1/9/2020: Expanded access for KEYTRUDA ® (pembrolizumab) announced on fifth anniversary of immuno-oncology treatment on the PBS

Australians welcome expanded access to reimbursed treatment options for melanoma, lung cancer and lymphoma Read More

19/6/20: KEYTRUDA® (pembrolizumab) registered for fifteenth indication in Australia

Advanced renal cell carcinoma latest indication for MSD’s immuno-oncology therapy More

25/02/20: Flexibility, Diversity, Gender Equality: Fifth Year MSD Recognised as an Employer of Choice

MSD has today been acknowledged as an Employer of Choice for Gender Equality (EOCGE) by Australia’s Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA). More

20/11/19: Government subsidy triples number of lung cancer patients eligible for KEYTRUDA® (pembrolizumab)

Three times more Australians fighting the nation’s leading cause of cancer death may now be eligible to receive the immuno-oncology therapy KEYTRUDA, thanks to a national subsidy announced today. More

05/06/19: MSD's Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP)

On Monday (3 June) MSD launched its inaugural Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP), coinciding with National Reconciliation Week – the theme of which “Grounded in Truth, Walk Together with Courage”. More

24/02/19: Keytruda ® (pembrolizumab) PBS listed for advanced form of bladder cancer 1

Australians battling a form of cancer which has seen no improvement in survival rates in the past 30 years 2 may now be eligible for Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme subsidised access to a medicine that activates the body’s immune system to detect and attack tumour cells.1,3 More

28/10/18: Government subsidy for KEYTRUDA ® (pembrolizumab) to help fight Australia’s leading cause of cancer death 1,2

MSD is committed to providing access to KEYTRUDA for eligible lung cancer patients. Today marks a crucial first step in providing reimbursed immunotherapy as a first-line treatment for thousands of eligible Australians battling a type of advanced. More

17/08/18: Government today poised to consider innovative access solutions for cancer treatments

MSD Australia welcomes the Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee’s (PBAC) consideration of proposals to subsidise immuno-oncology (IO) medicines across multiple tumour types for Australian cancer patients at a Special Meeting being held today. More

29/06/18: Government urged to fund potentially lifesaving immunotherapy cancer medicines

MSD Australia today acknowledged the work being undertaken by Federal Health Minister, The Hon Greg Hunt MP to drive increased access to immuno-oncology (IO) medicines through a multi-cancer approach and urged the government to commit appropriate funds.

21/02/18: Third year running - MSD recognised as Employer of Choice for Gender Equality

Australia’s Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA) has today recognised MSD, a leading biopharmaceutical company, as an Employer of Choice for Gender Equality (EOCGE). More

29/08/17: Lung cancer patients die sooner in Australia than Taiwan – new analysis

Australians with advanced lung cancer are unlikely to survive longer than two years after they commence treatment, according to new research which has highlighted the limitations of chemotherapy as a front-line defence against the nation’s leading cancer killer

10/05/2017: Federal Budget: MSD welcomes investment fund for new medicines

MSD today welcomed the Treasurer’s announcement that a new fund will be created to invest in innovative new medicines more

30/01/2017: Report shows more work is needed in fight against cardiovascular disease

MSD today welcomed many of the recommendations proposed in a report made public by the Department of Health as part of a Post-market Review into MSD’s cholesterol lowering medicine Ezetimibe (the product). more

25/01/2017: ‘Head in the sand’ attitude may put hearts at risk – new research

New research reveals that ageing Australians consider themselves thinner, fitter and healthier than they actually are, placing many in the firing line for life-threatening heart attack and stroke. more

18/01/2017: MSD welcomes new Minister for Health

MSD today welcomed the Prime Minister’s announcement that the Hon. Greg Hunt will be taking over as the Minister for Health, and Minister for Sport. more

05/11/2015: MSD awarded Employer of Choice for Gender Equality

The Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA) has today awarded MSD the Employer of Choice for Gender Equality citation for 2015.


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